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Health Conditions Helped by Somatics

A partial list of disorders that respond well to Clinical Somatic Education — with some improving or resolving completely in just a few sessions. Explore these topics (in short lists, more detail, or picture grids) to learn more about the science and approach used in addressing a disorder. Contact us to learn more.

Hamstring Pulls and Tension

The hamstrings are a very mysterious place for most people, not an area where we have a huge amount of sensation or proprioception. Hamstring tension, tears and pulls are very common, especially in athletes.

Balance Problems

There is a very intricate relationship between the movement of the eyes, the balancing organs of the inner ear, the musculature of the entire skeleton, the proprioceptive sense organs of the body, and the brain centers that equate and manage all of these factors.

Frozen Shoulder / Adhesive Capsulitis

Sometimes interchanged with the term "frozen shoulder", adhesive capsulitis is the adhesion of the joint capsule to the bones of the shoulder joint. While this condition may cause scarring or other degradation of tissues of the shoulder, Clinical Somatics can help to restore the movement of the shoulder in a safe, non-invasive, and gentle way that allows for mobility and healing of the joint with long-lasting results. Most importantly, Somatics can address the functional issues that led to the condition to begin with, and prevent it from happening again.

Uneven Leg Length

Actual structural leg length discrepancies are very rare.

Most uneven leg length is functional. This means that the muscles of the waist, back,and hip, in conjunction with other muscles, are pulling one leg shorter than the other.

While this can be a part of and a cause of many other functional imbalances, it is most often readily corrected by a client and practitioner working together with very specific neuro-muscular reeducation techniques.

Spinal Stenosis

For information regarding Somatics and this condition, please contact the Somatic Systems Institute. Thank you.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a set of symptoms, characterized by pain, weakness, tingling, or numbness of parts of the hand, brought about by the entrapment of the Median nerve between the carpal bones and ligaments of the wrist. CTS is generally associated with overuse, misuse, or repetitive stress, and can occur in musicians, packagers, typists, or anyone else who tends to use their hands repetitively.


Common wisdom has always dictated that exercise increases healthy bowel function. Recent research in the field has not shown a correlation between jogging, for instance, and healthier bowel function, however there are many reasons why Clinical Somatics can improve a condition of constipation, and we can see where there is still wisdom in the correlation between movement, exercise and proper elimination.

Joint Pain

For information regarding Somatics and this condition, please contact the Somatic Systems Institute. Thank you.

Injury Prevention

Clinical Somatics doesn't only correct chronic contractions that underly the majority of chronic pain conditions.  It also corrects misalignments, muscular mis-firings, and habituated muscular mis-use and tensions which lead to some of the most common sports injuries and other movement injuries.

This information is provided for information purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat disease conditions, nor should it substitute for medical evaluation or treatment. Please consult with your doctor before undergoing any movement, treatment, or fitness regimen.