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    Calling any of our locations is like calling all of our locations. If you wish to make an appointment or register for a class at any location, request information, order a product, or anything else, you may contact us at the above location. Or find local contact information for any of our locations in our Locations directory.


Clinical Somatics Testimonials

Testimonials from people who have tried Clinical Somatics.

This series has been most helpful. [My Clinical Somatics Exercise class teacher] is very thorough and knowledgeable. She has a gentle, caring, generous way of helping us free our bodies.

Looking forward to more classes...

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Belchertown, Massachusetts

I went to the Somatic Systems Institute in June, 2009. I have scoliosis, and have had back pain my entire life. After two sessions, I was pain free. AND I have remained pain free since then. I am amazed that this method of...

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Accountant, Financial Services department at a college
Wilbraham, Massachusetts

Within a few sessions I noticed incredible improvements. My muscles were not contracting continuously. Stiffness disappeared, and I began to straighten up. After 4 sessions I am walking straight. I do my exercises once or...

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Home Support Worker

[Somatics] opened up a new world for me; one that was inside me the whole time. [Somatics] taught me that stretching and strengthening is not always the right approach to treating chronically sore muscles. Now, I routinely...

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Advertising Executive

In a very short period of time, Somatics has dramatically improved the quality of my life. [Somatics] can help people understand how to alleviate chronically contracted muscles that cause them pain — it's as simple as that....

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I'm writing to thank you once more for introducing me to Clinical Somatics. For years I've had aching hips, which I attributed to the wear and tear of aging. Little did I realize that by standing and walking as I did I was...

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I went to the Somatic Systems Institute in June, 2009. I have scoliosis, and have had back pain my entire life. After two sessions, I was pain free. AND I have remained pain free since then. I am amazed that this method of pain...

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Accountant, Financial Services for a college

Being educated as a Physical Therapist I anticipated acquiring the knowledge and skills to treat people with physical disabilities and symptoms. I realized prior to my graduation that was not even close to being the case....

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Physical Therapist, 12 Years

As a neurologist I frequently see people who are suffering from chronic pain, which limits their movement, therefore further increasing their pain and their need for pain-killers. [Clinical Somatics] consistently helped the...

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Head of Neurology

[Somatics] heals pain in a non-intrusive and gentle way. Truly a holistic mode of treatment, Somatics also has offered me the opportunity to develop a more compassionate relationship with my body. I always leave our sessions...

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After surviving cancer and the debilitating surgeries that would save my life, I had almost given up hope of regaining flexibility and pain-free movement. Somatic education has restored my hope and freedom of movement.

Family Therapist

I feel great after every class. When I'm careful — as [our class teacher] tells me to be — the benefits can sometimes last all week.

South Hadley, Massachusetts

At Age 92, [Somatics] taught me how to walk again; what more beautiful gift is there to give.

Retired City Planner

As a fitness professional, I see a lot of people moving on a daily basis. And one thing is readily apparent — pretty much everybody has a major limitation and most of the time they are not at all aware of it. We are aware of...

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Certified Personal Trainer
Bellingham, Massachusetts

[Somatics is] a perfect match for me. My years of headaches are truly a thing of the past...


As a nurse case manager, I have referred many clients to [Clinical Somatics]. These people experienced chronic pain that modern medicine has been ineffective in treating.  Every single client has come back to me and said that they are getting...

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Somatics has revolutionized the way I move. I feel so much more freedom in my neck, shoulders, waist. There's a “fluidity” to my joints. I am beginning to be able to sense my body, to understand it, to move with it, to “get...

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I couldn’t believe that in a few hours [my Clinical Somatic Education practitioner] showed me how to relieve the pain that I had spent hundreds of hours with physical therapists trying to exercise away! My posture and sense of...

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Marketing Consultant