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Training in the Field of Somatics

How committed are you to providing your clients enhanced mobility, flexibility, and quality of life through pain-free living?

As a professional who specializes in physical movement enhancement, be it pain or injury rehabilitation, posture or flexibility training, or athletic performance, you provide an obviously vital service to your clients and patients. Beyond that, it’s important for you to stay on the leading edge of what’s happening in best practices in the field. 

In seeking a new approach to support your clients with Somatics, it shows that you’ve seen a lot in your experiences with your existing practice and techniques. You’ve probably stretched traditional approaches to go as far as they can in helping your clients. And you know it can be different.

You Know Your Clients Don’t Need to Suffer

You know that somewhere deep inside… but despite your best efforts as a professional, you want more for your clients. Your clients don’t need to suffer, have avoidable surgeries or live a compromised life due to decreased mobility, inflexibility or chronic pain. 

It is possible for your clients to have a sustainable, cost-effective, non-invasive, natural and proven means of living with greater flexibility and movement, and without pain. After all, the body was designed as a self-regulating system to function well for decades. So what’s really happening?

The Brain Learns to Hold on to Stress, Trauma, and Misuse in the Body — Long After it’s Gone

Essentially, the brain controls all motor function through activation of learned neural pathways. And, like any learning, the more that the brain perceives a particular activity as repeated, the more it "holds on to" that pattern and habituates it further — whether or not it is dysfunctional. In other words, one’s body patterns over time eventually adapt, through brain plasticity, into a "new normal" (whether that new normal is good or bad, empowering or disabling).

The challenge then becomes how do you — as a professional external to your client’s brain — support your client in affecting long-term positive change while leveraging what you already know?

Even more, what happens if you don’t? You run the risk of burn-out (doing the same thing over and over without enough result), get frustrated by seeing their suffering, keep seeking new approaches (and credentials) that can only go so far and, typically (according to our knowledge of the field through our students), feel unsatisfied with not providing “enough" to the clients who trust you to give them the very best available support.

And that’s where Somatics comes in… because you can leverage everything you now know by studying Somatics both as a simple practice and a powerful, proven modality that gets long-term and, usually, fairly dramatic results.

A Bit About Somatics

Learn how you can facilitate your clients in getting out of habitual, dysfunctional patterns of movement based on where they originate — deep in the automatic neural pathways of the brain. Somatics is a field of study that will allow you to:

  • Expand your tool kit to get better results with your clients.
  • Give people new awareness and specific movements to "re-program" their brain into greater flexibility.
  • Enhance the quality of life (and even prevent surgery!) for your clients through natural means.
  • Decrease the pain your clients experience at the source – the neural pathways.
  • And much, much more... Your clients will reveal to you the benefits of Somatics through your session!

For two decades, Somatic Systems Institute is honored to train practitioners to incorporate Somatics as a core technology in supporting thousands of people to live with greater ease, flexibility and movement.