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Somatic Exercise Teacher Training Program

For years movement teachers have sought a way to give their movement students a way to obtain the revolutionary benefits of Somatics, but either didn't wish to operate a hands-on practice, or were not ready or available for full professional training in Somatics. Now, you can undergo complete training as a Somatic Exercise Teacher in a significantly shortened format.

Even if your students do not need (or are not interested in) receiving Clinical Somatics sessions, the Clinical Somatic Exercise method you will learn is critical for...

  • any movement student or any person as support for successfully doing other movement work such as yoga or martial arts;
  • warmup, performance enhancement, and injury prevention for anyone who does any exercise, from walking or jogging to aggressive strength training;
  • serious and professional athletes for warmup, performance enhancement, and injury prevention;
  • sport coaches and dance teachers who want to optimize or expand warm-up and rehab work as well as learn to teach movement better;
  • rehabilitation and recovery from injury;
  • daily practice to reverse and prevent chronic pain, musculoskeletal disorders, and repetitive stress relief;
  • easy, effective stress relief;
  • daily practice for meditation, relaxation, or internal arts;
  • life-long fitness, youthful movement, vitality, wellness, and avoidance of much of the pain and decline of aging — for everyone;
  • D.I.Y. reversal of and recovery from the daily and life-long aches and pains and injuries of everyday life — for everyone.

While this training does not qualify you to work hands-on to utilize all of the techniques and produce all of the benefits described in Thomas Hanna's book Somatics, this program will provide you with the next highest level of expertise in this field. You will be thoroughly andauthoritatively trained in the science and methods of Somatics as applied to the exercise & movement protocols, and will learn a series of exercises, sequences, and classes to teach and coach students. No matter what your previous movement or bodywork background, there is no way to properly deliver these sophisticated exercises and therapeutic interventions and provide their powerful benefits without this professional training or the complete Clinician professional training.

While this work can be a stand-alone system of movement training, this course will also greatly enhance any forms of movement, sports, dance, exercise, training, or rehabilitation that you may already be versed in.

This Somatic Exercise Teacher training program is perfect for...

  • ​Existing movement teachers who wish to properly and fully deliver the benefits of Somatics to their students;
  • Aspiring movement teachers (even if you are not already trained or certified in another movement teaching field) who wish to provide the ground-breaking flexibility, fitness, pain relief, athletic training, injury prevention, and injury rehabilitation benefits of Somatics;
  • Individuals who can't yet afford full certification as a Clinician, but wish to work (and earn) in the field of Somatics right away;
  • Employees of movement or fitness centers, chiropractic or physical therapy offices, or orthopedic and rehab facilities.