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    Western Mass: 413-586-2555
    New York: 212-461-1753
    New Jersey: 973-327-7001
    Long Island: 516-300-1008
    Texas: 325-245-0141
    Arizona: 602-357-1514
    Virginia Beach: 757-644-5981
    Toll-free: 877-586-2555

    Calling any of our locations is like calling all of our locations. If you wish to make an appointment or register for a class at any location, request information, order a product, or anything else, you may contact us at the above location. Or find local contact information for any of our locations in our Locations directory.


Mission Statement

  • Clinical Somatics will be the preferred healthcare modality for this century.
  • Our goals, strategies, growth initiatives, behavior, and education must be responsible to and supportive of this reality.
  • To succeed in these efforts, we as practitioners, teachers and students must have clarity, a sense of value, a sense of responsibility, integrity, authenticity, and congruity, and expectations that are both realistic and positive.
  • A safe, conservative, and tolerant approach should not result in a lack of passion, confidence, and clarity regarding the context and value of this work.
  • Our passion and enthusiasm shall not breed thoughtlessness; in fact, this passion requires us to act with thoughtful strategy, comprehensive planning, consistency and a standard of sustainability and consideration of all parts of a whole picture.
  • Clinical Somatics is so powerful and effective, that it may deliver above average results even when competency is poor. However, this is no excuse: A competent, refined, clear, and masterful practitioner is always a better option; and this is our core goal and standard.
  • In support of masterful practitioners, we must build and maintain masterful systems and methods that not only nurture but create success.
  • Our entire mission is in service of the health and potential of human kind — alleviation of unnecessary suffering, ignorance, limitation, and failure; and facilitation of optimal health, potential, and successful moving and aging.
  • Our entire mission is in service people.
  • Somatics is a powerful system of concrete techniques and outcomes, which developed from abstract intellectual ideas. However, concretely speaking, Somatics exists for and because of people — our clients, staff, associates, vendors, colleagues, and advisors. We will always strive to treat them with respect and presence. People are the most important part of what we do.

More About Our Mission

Somatic Systems Institute works on many different levels to insure the growth, quality, integrity, and recognition of Clinical Somatic Education. We believe that we can combine modern and large-scale business practices with a body of work that is very personal, organic and individualized in order to create the largest impact on the world of health care, philosophy, science and culture.

We are constantly pushing the edge in terms of our academic and professional training, in order to create practitioners who adhere to the highest standards of practice and principle. We have a deep commitment to ensuring that Clinical Somatic education has a clear meaning and its principles and practices are standardized and well understood.

We are invested in creating clinics around the country and world where clients can be assured of the highest quality health care, education and customer service, and where our practitioners can have internship opportunities to increase their mastery.

We are committed to creating and selling products and educational materials that provide access to our unique health care system to anyone, anywhere, with the highest regard for quality of information. In order to provide greater access and awareness to our work, we also have built in a structure of pricing that allows anyone to take advantage of Clinical Somatic Education: free clinics are offered at least 3 times per year where as many as 25 clients are seen in a day, students and Interns offer services at a lower rate than Certified Practitioners, and group classes are always available at a very reasonable cost. As part of our goal to spread awareness, employees make themselves available to educate or talk with the public and other professionals.

For many of the employees of Somatic Systems Institute, carrying out the growth of Clinical Somatic Education is their life's work.