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Common wisdom has always dictated that exercise increases healthy bowel function. Recent research in the field has not shown a correlation between jogging, for instance, and healthier bowel function, however there are many reasons why Clinical Somatics can improve a condition of constipation, and we can see where there is still wisdom in the correlation between movement, exercise and proper elimination.

The muscles of the large intestine churn in order to eliminate waste. While the large intestine is comprised of smooth muscle that is under the control of the autonomic nervous system- and out of our "conscious control" (and regulated by water absorption and many other factors), it is easy to understand how improving function of the muscles of the back, waist, and abdomen can enhance proper bowel function.

Sensory Motor Amnesia, the condition of loss of control, sensation, and movement of the muscles around our vital organs, can constrict nerves, blood flow, lymph flow, and all physiological functioning of the organs. Restoring flexibility, movement, and vitality to the musculature of the torso will allow for improved organ functioning, including elimination.

Constipation has also been linked to some types of nervousness and anxiety, and the calming effects of Somatics on the autonomic nervous system that governs the bowel functions can be helpful in normalizing digestive function.


This information is provided for information purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat disease conditions, nor should it substitute for medical evaluation or treatment. Please consult with your doctor before undergoing any movement, treatment, or fitness regimen.