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Somatics Books & Info

Books about the field of somatics, and about somatic exercise, health, philosophy, and education.

The Lyrical Existentialists

Three masterful portraits of Kierkegaard, Neitzsche, and Camus--philosophers who, despite their differences, share a common vision of human existence.

Three masterful portraits of Kierkegaard, the Christian; Nietzsche, the anti-Christian; and Camus, the agnostic—philosophers who, despite their differences, share a common vision of human existence. With high style and scholarship, Thomas Hanna shows that the “lyrical existentialists” invite us to a view of the world and of human existence which leads directly to a passionate life of freedom, self–sufficiency and “ironic consciousness”.


Biofeedback and Somatics [Book]

A ground-breaking work, already being used in Universities as a course textbook. An in-depth, illustrated overview of biofeedback and its specific applications from a somatic perspective.From back cover:

The Lyrical Existentialists

A book of discovery and beauty, disclosing the common voice of three rebellious modern thinkers who shared and uncommon vision of human existence and who became the forerunners of the somatic viewpoint.More than an elegant introduction to the philosophies of Kierkegaard, Nietzche, and Camus: The real enjoyment is in following Hanna's deeper explorations into the roots of these philosophies where an exalted vision of human possibility and freedom lies embedded.


The End of Tyranny

A somatic analysis of contemporary American history and the role of the humanoid in political process. Carl Rogers says, This book reminds me of Tom Paine, the prophet of the American revolution.

From the back cover:

“An eloquent voice that speaks, sings and dances the truth. A more directly phenomenological presentation of authoritarianism than Fromm, Reich, Maslow and even Hoffer. Hanna turns scientific analysis into the metaphors of the poet, playwright and novelist.”

—Sidney Jourard


Letters from Fred

"At the time I first encountered Fred, two lives had been put behind me--an institutional one and a personal one. I was a bachelor of forty-four, living alone in a brown frame bungalow on the edge of town. Because it was in this house that the first encounter with Fred took place, I will give you the address: 3086 N.W. 14th Street. Last year I went back to see if it was still there. It was."

Thomas Hanna's only novel is a deeply personal exploration of the somatic realm, containing elements of humor, somatic philosophy, and wonder as the dialogue with the enigmatic Fred unfolds.


Unlocking Your Body

UNLOCKING YOUR BODY - Regaining Youth through Somatic Awareness, Thomas Hanna, from "Thinking Allowed" with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove. A video presentation of Hanna's basic method for working with persons with stiffness and soreness in the middle of the body. Hanna explains the neurophysiological origins of chronic muscular tension, then demonstrates on a live model how to eradicate this problem. This tape is immensely valuable for anyone with chronic back pain, because it shows basic techniques that clients could learn in an actual session with Hanna. (90-min. color)


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