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Somatic Exercises by Other Teachers

Somatic Exercises by various teachers on various topics.

Swimming in All Directions

The title of this Somatics learning series is in homage to an early metaphor for Tai Chi - “Swimming in the Air.” Constrained movement of the shoulders is widespread in today’s world, and a source of genuine concern not only for Tai Chi enthusiasts, but for dancers, yogis, and athletes and fitness buffs of all persuasions. In my dual roles as long time Tai Chi teacher and Hanna Somatic Educator, I see tight shoulders almost invariably amongst students attempting to master the ancient discipline of Tai Chi, as well as in the great majority of clients who find their way to my clinic.


Swaying in the Breeze

This is the latest in a series of guided lesson CDs designed by John Loupos C.S.E., M.S. to help you assume a proper stewardship of your own body.

Ideal for Tai Chi'ers, Yoga enthusiasts, and anyone involved in a sport or fitness discipline that calls for unerring balance and agility, as well as for persons whose natural sense of balance and proprioception has been compromised due to age or injury... this learning series will help you to stand straighter and to organize and move your body with more surety and certitude.


Functional Differentiation of the Lumbar, Thoracic, & Cervical Spine

Do you remember when you were a kid, and looking back to the rear over your shoulder while backing up your car made for such a casual gesture that you'd toss your head around without a second thought? For most folks over the age of 40 or 50 those days are long gone. If twisting to look behind now entails a more concerted effort... if turning your head to either direction has devolved from a near automatic motion into one necessarily slower and more thought-out, perhaps even a whole body affair, than this CD series is for you.


Where Breath Meets Qi

This unique approach to conscious and conscientious breathing and somatic organization makes for an invaluable practice adjunct for anyone involved in mindful disciplines, whether it be yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, or just livin in your body in the best way you can. The lessons in this learning series offer a truly unique blending of some of the best and most healthful methods drawn from the traditions of East and West.


Movements for Sensing & Freeing the Sacrum & Cranium for Tai Chi’ers & other human beings

Long time Tai Chi teacher and author John Loupos is also a student and teacher of Hanna Somatics and maintains a private clinical practice in same. John regards Tai Chi Chuan and Hanna Somatics as intelligent, even necessary, co-practices - as mutually supportive as one side of a coin to its opposite. This CD learning series is John’s latest project in his continuing quest to provide educational guidance for Tai Chi’ers and other individuals who want to live in their bodies in the best way. In this CD learning series John includes four lessons, plus an insightful postscript.
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