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Clinical Somatic Education Student Liability Insurance

Exceptional Insurance — and the only insurance dedicated and guaranteed to cover and protect Clinical Somatic Education and Somatic Educators!

Smart practitioners realize that, while being named in a lawsuit is unlikely, it’s not worth risking your career. In this sue-happy age, even when you've done nothing wrong, it’s expensive to defend yourself. Why chance it, when excellent protection is so affordable?

We offer protection with the best value in liability coverage. Ours are the highest aggregate coverages available — $3 million professional liability (malpractice), another $3 million general liability (slip and fall), and yet another $3 million products liability (for example, adverse reaction to a lotion). And these coverages protect you wherever you work.

Also included is legal defense coverage, $100,000 premises fire damage coverage for renters, and no charge for obtaining an additional insured endorsement (AIE) if requested by your employer or landlord. All this is covered by your basic membership fee.

And, unlike the product offered by some other providers, this insurance is occurrence-form coverage, to protect you from late-filed claims. It’s not inferior claims-made coverage that expires when your membership does.

While no one else offers such a comprehensive package, we know you can find barebones insurance coverage elsewhere. That's why you need to consider our greatest strength: helping our members. If you need additional insurance information, or if you want to add an AIE, we're here with prompt support. If you're unfortunate enough to experience a claim, you can expect knowledgeable, empathetic assistance from our staff experts. In most instances, we can help expedite rapid resolution of your claim. Fact is, just knowing your team is ready and able to support you lets you focus on what's most important — building a successful career.

The student level insurance provides liability coverage for both on/off premises activities that are approved by Somatic Systems Institute and are permitted under applicable state and local regulations. It does not cover any student working on his or her own (without school approval) and charging clients.