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Understanding Student Insurance: FAQs

What does my student insurance cover?
The student level insurance provides liability coverage for both on/off premises activities that are approved by the school and are permitted under applicable state and local regulations. It does not cover any student working on his or her own (without school approval) and charging clients.

Why is insurance so important?

You insure your car, even though you don't expect to be in an accident. You cover your home too, even though the odds are it won't burn down. Why? Because without insurance, it would be a financial catastrophe if your unlucky number came up.

That's the same reason why liability insurance offers essential protection and peace of mind for professional massage and bodywork practitioners. You may be fortunate and never get sued or be named in a damage claim. But in this age of lawsuit-happy, get-rich-quick opportunists, and with many people uncomfortable about someone else touching their body, wise massage professionals acquire and maintain solid insurance protection at all stages of their careers.

Liability protection not only covers you if you're found to be at fault, but also provides for your legal defense. Without it, you could be out tens of thousands of dollars just to defend yourself against a frivolous or false claim or even as the result of fallout from a misunderstanding.

We proudly present the broadest insurance coverage offered by any association serving the massage and bodywork professions: $2 million per incident with an annual limit of $3 million in three different categories.

Per Occurrence Aggregate
(annual limit)
Professional Liability $2 Million $3 Million
General Liability $2 Million $3 Million
Products Liability $2 Million $3 Million

This liability insurance is an occurrence form policy, and provides coverage for your Somatics operations for Bodily Injury, Personal Injury, and Property Damage up to the above limits, plus $100,000 for fire damage to premises you rent. It will also cover you for other bodywork and massage practices if that is part of your practice.

"Occurrence form" means coverage continues if a claim is filed at a later date for an incident that occurred while you were an insured member. Coverage includes liability arising out of your premises and operations, your professional liability, and manufactured products you resell. The insurer will also defend you if someone sues you alleging your wrongdoing in one of these areas; those legal expenses are covered in addition to the above policy limits. The policy contains a number of terms, conditions, and exclusions.

Get Student Insurance Now..., or call us at 413-586-2555 if you have any questions.