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Semester Two

Required and recommended textbooks and other curriculum materials for Semester 2 of the Somatics Professional Training Program.

Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy (Fourth Edition)

Now in its second edition, this is undoubtedly the best single-volume medical atlas available today, the only better resource being Netter's classic eight-volume set, published in 13 physical volumes over 33 years starting in 1959 and originally called CIBA Collection of Medical Illustrations after the publisher.


Netter's Clinical Anatomy

The practice of healthcare, with its numerous imaging and therapeutic modalities, has made understanding basic anatomy and its alterations in disease more vital than ever before. As a result, anatomy has evolved from a pure science to an applied science that emphasizes the clinical implications of anatomical structures.

Succinct text and over 420 classic Netter and 50 new Netter-style images help students acquire a deeper understanding of complex clinical anatomical concepts.


Letters from Fred

"At the time I first encountered Fred, two lives had been put behind me--an institutional one and a personal one. I was a bachelor of forty-four, living alone in a brown frame bungalow on the edge of town. Because it was in this house that the first encounter with Fred took place, I will give you the address: 3086 N.W. 14th Street. Last year I went back to see if it was still there. It was."

Thomas Hanna's only novel is a deeply personal exploration of the somatic realm, containing elements of humor, somatic philosophy, and wonder as the dialogue with the enigmatic Fred unfolds.


Semester 2 Advanced Recommendations - Kinesiology and Anatomy Textbooks (Somatics Professional Training)

These are some additional suggested kinesiology reference books and resources for Semester 2 of your Somatics Professional Training. If you want to go beyond the required texts and the basic set of additional suggested references, these materials provide even greater depth of expertise in understanding you clients' anatomy and kinesiological issues, especially when encountering advanced and complex problems.

Semester 2 Recommended Kinesiology and Anatomy Textbooks (Somatics Professional Training)

These are the suggested kinesiology reference books and resources for Semester 2 of your Somatics Professional Training that we sell. We also recommend the following materials, available elsewhere:

  • Manual  of  Structural  Kinesiology, by R.T.Floyd, 16th Edition, 2007.

Note that this product kit is modular, meaning that even if you don't want all the products, you can conveniently add this kit to your shopping cart, and then remove any items you don't want.

Semester 2 Required Textbooks (Somatics Professional Training)

These are the required texts for the second semester of the Somatics Professional Training Program.

Note that some of your textbooks from the first semester are also required, however they are not included for purchase as part of this product kit, since you will have already purchased those books last year. These books include:


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