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Functional Synergy Yoga Therapist

Steven Aronstein is an exceptional teacher, of that there is no question. He delivers a passionate and undiluted method of teaching the most direct Thomas Hanna material as humanly and somatically possible, and for that and his unrelenting way of having us get it, we are all becoming amazing Somatics practitioners and educators with each new piece that is revealed and integrated.

This course is not for just anyone. It is for those that want to make a bona fide difference in their own bodies as well as working with others. And it delivers in ways unexpected and unprecedented apart from any other movement modality in the way it is presented, digested, experienced and taught.

I only seek my body work training from direct sources, and for me Steven Aronstein is the next generation, a true disciple of what Thomas Hanna was cultivating, delivering and teaching in terms of movement, anatomy, philosophy and the neuro-biology of coming back to our brilliant human design.

Steve’s methodology may at first glance be unorthodox, but it works. His incredible (and often cinematic) analogies land, and if they don’t he will tirelessly find a way for it to not only stick, but be part of your lexicon and delivery through your hands.

We are grateful that this team of amazing mentorship is truly hand-picked and carefully selected. They share as generously as Steve does and the community has never been so rich and fertile with all the experience and expertise.

If I am already this effective after Year 1 of my training, I can’t imagine what I will be able to offer and how I will be able to navigate a person’s body by the end of Year 3. I am blessed and so are the people that I work with and will be working with for years to come.

Quite insufficiently, thank you so very much.

Natasha Boldireff, RYT, Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher
Orangeville, ON