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Trainee Testimonials

Testimonials of students and graduates of our professional training program.

Dancer, Movement Educator

Training in Clinical Somatic Education at the Somatic Systems Institute was by far one of the most valuable educations and blessings of my life. There is nothing else like this work on earth, and I believe there is no better place to study it…I cannot recommend training with Somatic Systems Institute enough.

Katherine Kendall

Dancer, Movement Educator

Wendell, MA
United States

Functional Synergy Yoga Therapist

Steven Aronstein is an exceptional teacher, of that there is no question. He delivers a passionate and undiluted method of teaching the most direct Thomas Hanna material as humanly and somatically possible, and for that and his unrelenting way of having us get it, we are all becoming amazing Somatics practitioners and educators with each new piece that is revealed and integrated.

I only seek my body work training from direct sources, and for me Steven Aronstein is the next generation, a true disciple of what Thomas Hanna was cultivating, delivering and teaching in terms of movement, anatomy, philosophy and the neuro-biology of coming back to our brilliant human design.

Natasha Boldireff, RYT, Certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher
Orangeville, ON

Medic, Philadelphia

It's difficult to sum up my time at SSI because there were so many dimensions to it. I guess the first thing is to say that it was transformative on many levels for me. It has been, hands down, the most supportive academic environment that i have ever encountered — and I have studied at institutions in several countries.

Bugz Fraugg
Philadelphia, PA
United States

Student with Back Pain and Migraines, Ohio

I'm not sure whether I can say enough about how valuable Clinical Somatic Education is for you yourself, not to mention to all those you could help in a profound way. CSE literally has to do with the quality of our life. Over time you will experience relief and change that you never imagined possible and--if you go through with this training or even point others to CSE practitioners or classes or self-guided resources--you will be able to direct others toward the exact same thing.

David Krauss
Fostoria, OH
United States

Yoga Therapist, Midwest

The training I received from Somatic Systems Institute for my full Certification in Clinical Somatic Education was nothing short of excellent.…I consider it being an advanced degree training and well-worth every penny I spent. As I said earlier, I was able to quickly apply what I learned into my business, which increased my business over what I had been experiencing. I've more than made my money back in a very short period of time. You can't beat experience and Steven has that experience. He knows the work inside out, he is excellent at the work. He still sees clients, so his knowledge stays fresh.

Nancy Nesyto-Freske
Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Yoga Therapist
Naperville, IL
United States

Physical Therapy Assistant, 24 Years

This is the first course I've taken where I was able to and expected to apply the knowledge and techniques I was learning on the instructors. As a result it's totally changed the way I've approached working with my clients. I can actually go out feeling solid and comfortable working on people right away.

Nancy Graham
Physical Therapy Assistant, 24 Years
Keene, NH
United States

Martial Arts Teacher, 35 years

The training staff is excellent. Good chemistry between them and a well balanced sharing of the teaching labor. Everyone is fun and personable which makes for an excellent learning environment. I'm feeling confident and well prepared to offer my services in the community as a Clinical Somatics Educator, even as a student-in-training. I'm seeing more clients (paying clients mind you) than I would have imagined at this stage of learning. And I'm getting results. Clients are referring others in for sessions. I can't wait to learn more.

John Loupos
Martial Arts Teacher, 35 years
Cohasset, MA
United States

Biotechnology Researcher

The Somatic Systems Institute professional training program was an unbelievable experience. I was amazed at the unbelievable sense of freedom I experienced in my own body after only the first 9-day module. It was fascinating to experience even my thoughts shifting to a greater sense of freedom and feeling open to solutions and avenues that I didn‘t even see before. I don‘t know if I could ever fully explain this — everyone just needs to experience it for themselves. Looking back, it feels like I was living my life with my emergency brake on before this training.

Patrick Flanagan
Biotechnology Researcher
Upton, MA
United States


I've done about 10 protocols this first week. Reactions have ranged from moderately pleasant surprise to unrestrained elation. I've worked with two ladies with significant chronic pain and they danced around shaking their hips (one said she hasn't been able to do that since 1991).

I'm looking forward to [the next module in] January. We have a great class and it will be fun to help everyone else develop into world class practitioners.

Paul Hayman
Engineer and Pain Management Clinic Manager
Rapid City, SD
United States

Designer & Martial Artist

‘Where did this come from?’ I kept asking myself, after recently participating in a Clinical Somatics movement weekend workshop. I was more than surprised — shocked! — to find that I immediately experienced an almost miraculous recovery from chronic long-term tight muscles and pain! That‘s all it took: The following week I restructured my whole life to take this training.

Dave Bilyeu
Providence, RI
United States


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