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Profiles: Somatic Systems Training Students

We know that in these tough economic times, it feels harder than ever to make a big change in your life or take financial risk. We also know how happy and satisfied our students have been when they’ve made the decision to enroll in our Somatics Professional Training program. For some, it’s the most important decision they’ve ever made.

We asked some practitioners — graduates of our Professional Training Program — how they felt about their investment of time and money to attend Somatic Systems Institute, and what kind of results they got from doing so.

When I was halfway through my Yoga Therapy certification program, my mentor at the time gave me a Somatics session via Skype. I could immediately feel a difference in my body... It felt much more open, with almost no tension! I was really impressed. When that yoga training was complete, I looked into the Clinical Somatics Professional Training Program at Somatic Systems Institute (the school at which my mentor had trained).

I have had a lifelong interest in the human mind and body, beginning with ten years of intensive study of ballet and modern dance at Boston Ballet School and Boston Conservatory. After leaving dance, I decided to explore my interest in the visual arts, and received my Bachelors in Interior Design. But after practicing design for six years, I felt that the physical aspect of my life was missing. Having suffered from two serious back injuries while dancing, I understood what it meant to be in chronic pain.

Like many others in our field, I was initially guided to Somatics according to personal need, in my case due to a long standing shoulder injury. Upon seeing Somatics accomplish in just a single session (total resolution of my injury) what a litany of other therapies had failed to accomplish over the entire year prior, I realized that I had stumbled across something that was unique and very special. I knew right off that this powerful, if simple, healing method was a special something I... Read more

I can say with confidence that anyone who attends Somatic Systems Institute can transfer their own set of business skills from their present careers — by adding what they will learn from the business training and marketing classes from Somatic Systems Institute’s training program. This allows for transitioning into successful revenue returns smoothly and quickly, even in today's economic environment. Looking forward, it appears to me that Somatics and self-help fields are growing industries. It seems that Somatics will be an even more secure field in the future — because it has endless... Read more