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John Loupos: Career Marital Arts Trainer Boosts Practice with Somatics

Ancient practice and modern business finds even better results and broader reach with the science, fluidity, and form of Clinical Somatics.

Like many others in our field, I was initially guided to Somatics according to personal need, in my case due to a long standing shoulder injury. Upon seeing Somatics accomplish in just a single session (total resolution of my injury) what a litany of other therapies had failed to accomplish over the entire year prior, I realized that I had stumbled across something that was unique and very special. I knew right off that this powerful, if simple, healing method was a special something I wanted to be a part of.

By way of background, I’d had over thirty years experience as a martial arts teacher, and I’d put in some time as well maintaining a clinic in Classical Homeopathy. The Somatics program at Somatic Systems Institute seemed a good choice given my background in movement disciplines and healing arts. As it turned out, enrolling for the Somatic Systems Institute Professional Training Program made for a very good career move. Promoting smarter bodies, increasing freedom and flexibility, and providing low-tech pain resolution, all at a reasonable cost, entails an ideology that pretty much anyone who cares about their own health can easily relate to.

In my case, I was able to put my new knowledge to work — helping folks and building my practice — almost immediately. In fact, my new Somatics practice enabled me, even as a student-in-training, to recoup the entire cost of my schooling before I’d completed my second semester of studies.

As an author, I’ve written several books on Tai Chi and have recently completed a manuscript on Somatics that I hope to publish in the near future. I’ve also published a series of CDs on Somatics movement patterns. The staff and team of trainers at Somatic Systems Institute prepared me well for this new career path and have proved very supportive of my auxiliary endeavors as I strive as best I can to spread the Somatics message far and wide. If you’re reading this, I urge you to consider that Somatic Systems Institute's professional training program represents a foot-in-the-door opportunity to build your own practice along a promising and unique career path and to really help the world become a better place.

Best regards,
John Loupos, C.S.E., M.S.
October 2009

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