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    Western Mass: 413-586-2555
    New York: 212-461-1753
    New Jersey: 973-327-7001
    Long Island: 516-300-1008
    Texas: 325-245-0141
    Arizona: 602-357-1514
    Virginia Beach: 757-644-5981
    Toll-free: 877-586-2555

    Calling any of our locations is like calling all of our locations. If you wish to make an appointment or register for a class at any location, request information, order a product, or anything else, you may contact us at the above location. Or find local contact information for any of our locations in our Locations directory.


Training Program Resources

Our goal is to create a strong, supportive community that can guide its newer members with its shared wisdom and experience so that no practitioner feels alone or isolated, no matter where they're practicing. We recognize that many students of health care and education professions come to this work out of a desire to help people, and are not necessarily sure about how to go about building and marketing their own practice. That's why we've created ongoing support for our students — both during and long after graduation. Our Mentor Program, class email-lists and forums, as well as monthly Practice Weekends and Reconnect weekends for students and professionals, are just some of the ways you can share your voice — or learn from others’ — as a member of the Clinical Somatic Educator community.

The Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is a full-time service designed to enable students to collaborate with seasoned professionals as they develop their clinical skills. Students check in with the Mentor Program at scheduled times throughout the year between semester sessions to guarantee the assistance they need throughout their training process.

The Training Program is available to all students year-round, for assistance from staff, faculty, and mentors — or just to chat about their progress, challenges, and morale. Many graduates continue close professional discourse with their Mentors and other training staff long after graduation, consulting on difficult cases or sharing new discoveries as their practice grows.

Class Emails

Each class is provided with dedicated group email addresses that students can use to discuss cases, protocols, and more with each other. Emailing lists are monitored by Training staff, to provide some guidance and support for students’s interim studies and development. This system also easily enables and encourages communication between classes, further pooling experience and knowledge for students.


We're especially excited to offer the only online forums dedicated to Clinical Somatic Education and monitored by professionals in the field. These forums bridge the gap between the public and professional communities, so you get your questions about Somatics answered by folks who know!