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Training Semesters Explained

Some people inquiring about the training program ask for clarification on the structure of the training program:  Because our training semesters are scheduled in a convenient modular fashion, they don't follow the conventional academic calendar of semesters or school years, so we can understand how it might be hard to understand at first.  Thus, we've created a quick illustrated explanation of our training program schedule, which is often referred to as a "3-year" or "3-semester" program.


The training is divided into three Semesters:


All three semesters, the entire training course, take place over approximately 24-48 months:


Each semester is divided into either…

  • 4 "weekend" modules
    • which are approximately 4-5 days long each
    • held on weekends plus the extra days right before or after the weekend
    • and held about 1-2 months apart


  • or, 2 long-week modules
    • which are 9 days long each
    • usually starting on a Saturday and ending on the following Sunday, to provide the most compactness and convenience to fit in with the rest of your life
    • and held about 2-5 months apart


Both of the schedules have been designed to be convenient for a wide variety of students.  Weekend modules require more travel, but less disruption of your regular schedule, and more time to absorb and assimilate your learning experiences.  Modular schedules are extremely convenient for both local folks long wanting to keep their training compact and long-distance students wanting to cut down on travel.  Both are carefully designed to provide an effective and manageable learning process, and we have found students of all types — long distance or local, full-time or more flexible workers, professionals and laypeople — achieved great success and satisfaction with either training schedule format.  The curriculum covered in both formats is exactly the same.


Interim time between modules and semesters includes optional activities and support.  This provides a synergistic effect, for a "best of both worlds" "win-win" training situation

  • "Full-time" benefits
  • But you get to keep and live the rest of your life & your job


This synergistic effect, and the unique and carefully sequenced progressive curriculum means that

  • Students are working from the very first semester of training
  • Mastery comes quickly, organically, and with close personal support to your specific needs and background
  • You can begin to recover your investment in your training quickly

This Clinical Somatic Education Professional Training Program is a fully self-contained program:

  • There is no other training required or needed*
  • Our schedule and the curriculum and profession itself attracts a diverse student body from varied professions and backgrounds (which also enhances your professional development further)