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Training Program Details

Class Structure

The program is conducted in three semesters. The first semester is approximately 150 hours in length; the second and third semester are each slightly shorter than this. In total, the training course consists of 500 hours of supervised in-class education.

Schedules vary at different locations and times. However, all classes feature a convenient intensive schedule, that allows students to attend for only one long weekend or week at a time. The modular schedules are an exciting way for busy professionals to enhance their practices without disruption, and for those new to the field to transition smoothly to a new career. Homework assignments scheduled between sessions are methodically designed maximize students' learning and development process, effectively providing a 2-year training program in only 500 hours. Each of the three semesters is separated by a six 6-8 month break, providing this valuable development time while still enabling students to complete their full training in only 24 to 28 months.

In developing the intensive training course format, experienced educators have taken great care to create a class schedule which allows for a comfortable, successful learning experience.

Class sizes vary, but are typically limited to 20 students. The student:teacher ratio ranges from 10:1 to 4:1. Click here for information on the Training faculty.

Click here for information on the Program curriculum.


Students are provided year-round support and guidance as they work to complete their interim assignments and practice their clinical skills. In addition to general availability of the entire faculty, every student is assigned a single faculty member as a personal mentor, to provide the opportunity for consistent, one-on-one assistance and support. Furthermore, Somatic Systems Institute is open and available year-round for in-person and remote meetings, consultations, and support, as well as text books, training materials and practitioner tools.

Students automatically become Student Members of the Association for Clinical Somatic Education, Inc., the non-profit organization that is the official professional support and public education agency for the field of Clinical Somatic Education. Student Membership offers benefits valuable to students-in-training, including special marketing materials such as promotional brochures, discounts on annual conventions and conferences, web site tools for support and community, the latest CSE news, and involvement with the CSE community.

Student Benefits

Students benefit from the year-round support and membership resources described above. During semesters, students enjoy the benefits of the Hampshire College campus and the Five College area, as well as the synergy of a residential training program. Click here for more information on the campus, facilities, room, and board.

Graduation/Certification Benefits

Certified Graduates of SSI's program automatically become Certified Members of the Clinical Somatic Education Society. Their names will be listed in the Society's roster of certified practitioners provided to the public. Certified Members have full support of the Society, which develops, researches, and sponsors Clinical Somatic Education resources, courses, standards, etc. to support its members in benefiting the public and promoting public welfare.

Certified Graduates are life-long alumni of the Somatic Systems Institute, entitled to participate in a variety of support, internship, marketing, and co-marketing programs operated by the Institute. Click here for more information on alumni benefits and opportunities.

Schedules, Application Process, Deadlines, & Tuition