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The Human Brain Coloring Book

Developed by internationally renowned neurosurgeons, this unique book is designed for students...Developed by internationally renowned neurosurgeons, this unique book is designed for students of psychology and the biological sciences, and medical, dental, and nursing students.


The Linear Gravity Pillow

These pillows are designed to provide you with the proper support to help you sleep better. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to get the best sleep of your life, starting at only $30.99!

You spend approximately 1/3 of your life sleeping. Shouldn't you be getting the most from it??

The Linear Gravity Pillow: America's #1 Chiropractic Pillow

10 important reasons why we recommend the Linear Gravity Pillow :


The Lyrical Existentialists

A book of discovery and beauty, disclosing the common voice of three rebellious modern thinkers who shared and uncommon vision of human existence and who became the forerunners of the somatic viewpoint.More than an elegant introduction to the philosophies of Kierkegaard, Nietzche, and Camus: The real enjoyment is in following Hanna's deeper explorations into the roots of these philosophies where an exalted vision of human possibility and freedom lies embedded.


The Lyrical Existentialists

Three masterful portraits of Kierkegaard, Neitzsche, and Camus--philosophers who, despite their differences, share a common vision of human existence.

Three masterful portraits of Kierkegaard, the Christian; Nietzsche, the anti-Christian; and Camus, the agnostic—philosophers who, despite their differences, share a common vision of human existence. With high style and scholarship, Thomas Hanna shows that the “lyrical existentialists” invite us to a view of the world and of human existence which leads directly to a passionate life of freedom, self–sufficiency and “ironic consciousness”.


The Massage Connection: Anatomy & Physiology

Created specifically for massage therapy students, the Third Edition of Anatomy & Physiology: The Massage Connection elucidates anatomy and physiology with clear, concise language complemented by an extraordinary multilayer art program. Organized to cover each body system and align with current massage therapy curricula, topics have been streamlined so that those areas critical for massage therapy—such as the musculoskeletal system—receive special coverage, whereas excessive detail in areas not relevant for massage is omitted.


The Physiology Coloring Book

This coloring book offers an enjoyable, highly effective way for students to learn physiology. Topics are covered in self-contained two-page spreads, allowing students to easily focus on the material being presented. A unique combination of introductory material, names and illustrations to be colored, and substantive captions deliver a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand, treatment of physiology. The Physiology Coloring Book is the companion to the extremely successful Anatomy Coloring Book , which has sold more than 2.5 million copies.



The Professional Orthopillow - Cervical Support Pillow

  • Maintains the normal anterior curve of the cervical spine during rest
  • Odorless and non-allergenic
  • Zippered covers available in satin or cotton

Professional Use; These pillows are great for use as bolsters for clients' knees, legs, head, etc. in Hanna Somatic EducationÌ, Feldenkrais, Massage, and other therapies and bodywork modalities. We use the firm model in our Hanna Somatic EducationÌ clinic.