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Suggested Schedule for Doing Somatic Exercises

The effects of the Clinical Somatics Somatic Exercises™ are cumulative: the effects increase and you develop greater flexibility and ease of movement as you repeat them over time. Here is some information and some suggestions to obtain ideal results.

Each series of Somatic Exercises™ consists of a set of lessons, each fosusing on another building block to address the condition. Each lesson is usually about 20 to 45 minutes in length; most series contain 6 or 8 lessons.

Each series is carefully sequenced so that each lesson builds a certain foundation to prepare you for the next lesson, improving one area so that you are then in a state ready to improve the next with the next lesson. Thus, it's a good idea to do the lessons in order.

Some people choose to complete the entire series of tapes at one time, as if you were attending an intensive weekend workshop. However, generally you may prefer to do one lesson per day, or every few days. You do not need to do them every single day, but you should try to do at least one lesson per week until you complete the series.

Ideally, you should do each lesson at least twice in a row before proceeding to the next lesson. This has a number of important benefits, including making sure the lesson has been properly integrated by your nervous system. So, for example, if you were to do one (20-45 minute) lesson per day, a series of 6 lessons might take 12 days. In other words, you might complete Lesson 1 of a series on Monday; then redo Lesson 1 on Tuesday. On Wednesday, you would move on to Lesson 2, and follow that with Lesson 2 again on Thursday. You would then complete Lesson 3 on Friday and then again on Saturday. This would continue through to the following Friday, 12 days from when you started.

In just 2 weeks, you can complete a whole series targeted to your somatic needs. You have then “graduated” and can continue on to another series to address other conditions, or simply begin your five-minutes-a-day maintenance routine (the Daily Somatic Essentials, also known as the Cat Strech — see below).

(You can also add these and other maintenance routines before regular exercise, sports, and other movement endeavors — to enhance performance & flexibility and avoid injury.)

Of course, if you try a particular lesson in a series and find it particularly challenging or beneficial, you might choose to do it 3 times or more before moving on to the next. Once you feel comfortable with a lesson, you should move on to the next to obtain even greater benefits.

When doing the exercises, you should follow these guidelines to give yourself the maximum benefit of Somatic Exercises™. (If you order Somatic Exercises™ from us, they will come with a copy of these guidelines.)

After this, all you need to do to maintain optimum flexibility is the Daily Somatic Essentials routine, which takes only 5-10 minutes to do once you learn it.

Additionally, you may want to add specific Somatic Exercises™ to your daily routine from time to time to address special stress areas, trouble spots, or particular areas you wish to work with in-depth. The goal is for you to become your own somatic educator and able to share what you've learned with others. You may wish to try other Somatic Exercise™ series in the future to gain even greater benefits, address issues in other areas of your body, or to deepen your expertise about how to stay and grow healthy.

Suggested Somatic Exercises™ Series

Most people, whatever their conditions, should complete The Myth of Aging series that we offer. This series is the fundamental routine of somatics benefits. In addition to addressing the basic general issues that underlie most musculoskeletal problems, this series also prepares you for any other series you might wish to do, and builds the foundation for a lifetime of somatic health.

Once you have completed The Myth of Aging, you have learned all the components of the Cat Stretch, the five-minute routine that is all you need to maintain and enhance your lifelong benefits. This Cat Stretch is summarized for easy reference in the book Somatics, as well as here on our website. We also provide you with a copy of the Cat Stretch reference sheet when you order The Myth of Aging Somatic Exercises™ from us. For your convenience, you may also order The Cat Stretch CD from us.

If you need assistance choosing other Somatic Exercises™ series for your specific complaint or interest, please contact us for more information and a trained professional can help you personally.