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Mastering The Somatic Essentials

Jul/25 2:00 - Jul/25 4:00
Workshop Time: 
Saturday, July 25, 2015, 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Workshop Location: 
Studio Helix
150 Main Street, 3rd Floor
(Studio Helix)
Northampton, MA 01060
United States
Workshop Teacher: 



We put a lot of thought into what to name this class — and, frankly, we're not really sure we got it... So, if the title of this 2-hour afternoon event doesn't grab you, we hope you will still believe us when we tell you this is the workshop for you!

We've been teaching people Somatics for 25 years, and have seen so many people help themselves get out of pain, improve their flexibility & athleticism, reduce stress, recover from injury, reverse the effects of aging, or simply maintain their overall wellbeing.

This class teaches you the core, most essential, and most powerful exercises to obtain, maintain, and increase those benefits right away and continuously for the rest of your life. Long-time Somatic exercisers as well as those who've never even tried Somatics will learn a rich, solid set of easy, gentle movements that can profoundly change their health, comfort, power, and youthful vitality.

In this class we will be sharing the "tricks of the trade" so you can complete that day closer to becoming your own Somatics guru — with the expertise and specific routines to be enjoy a better body every day with minimal effort.

This will not only allow you get the specific benefits of the movements we teach, but how to apply these principles to every part of your body and movement for any situation.  That's part of how this class will help you solve whichever muscle, joint, or movement problem you struggle with now or encounter later.

Because Somatic movement is actually not bodywork, but instead really brain work, even small modifications can dramatically improve your results — even if you've been doing Somatics for years.  Many have tried reading books, watching videos, or even taken classes but still don't feel like they really understand what they're doing, how to do it effectively, or that they can really fix stubborn, chronic, or acute pains or limitations. And for those new to Somatics, you can quickly and clearly learn to use these powerful tools.  

If you've ever done Somatics and felt like some of what you were doing was a bit of magic and mystery... this class will help take away the mystery — so you can create more and more of the magical improvements!


This workshop is followed by a free open-house and an informational presentation about the upcoming Somatics Professional Training Program.  Anyone considering training or otherwise interested in Somatics professionally should attend this Open House.  Click here for more info...