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Somatics Professional Training Program Available Again for Spring 2022


Our lives have been challenging, and planning for our passions and for growth has been even more challenging. We all want to pursue our passions, live the lives that matter to us and fulfill us professionally and personally. When the world is full of surprises, we have all had to be adapt and find opportunities where they present themselves. Winter has brought more changes, more challenges that in many ways require us to grow more than ever. At the very moment our lives are contracting, in the face of that, we are required to expand -- expand our capacities, skills, and potential. The smaller and more restrictive our space, the more flexible we need to be.

And there is nothing that teaches you greater flexibility than Clinical Somatics, in your own body, in your spiritual relationship to obstacles, and in your professional capabilities and options. Somatics professional training enhances other career aspirations, for seasoned health care professionals or those pivoting to a new career in changing times.

While every new Somatics training is exciting to us, we are more thrilled than ever to announce our 3-year Clinical Somatics Education Training Program  is safely and enthusiastically back for a new class! And right on time, for the spring, to greet the new, open season after a long quiet winter.

Since our founding 3 decades ago, we've had the pleasure of witnessing the transformation of professionals and laypeople alike: healthcare workers, yoga teachers, massage therapists, physical therapists, personal trainers, school teachers, and carpenters (among countless others) as they gained the depth of knowledge necessary to revolutionize the lives of their clients and finally treat the root of chronic pain.  

There have been so many firsts this past year. Along with all the other experiences we had, it was heartbreaking to us to not be able to share this work with the world at a time when many people were in more pain than ever before. But as we all emerge and reconnect, that pain is still there, and also needs our attention and care more than ever before.

We also know that for many people, this time has been one to reevaluate priorities. Maybe they decided to do something that truly helps themselves and others around them. Maybe they decided to finally act on a plan they have put off for far too long to make their lives and the world better. Or maybe they re-thought the course of their professional aspirations and committed to pursue a truly inspirational and deeply meaningful path that also sustains them personally and practically.

We have heard from many different students that all of these different goals and more were achieved through our training program. Whatever yours is, there is more reason than ever to join us for what many describe as one of the most transformative experiences they have ever had.

Our next Clinical Somatic Education Training Program begins May 14-22, 2022 at our headquarters in Northampton, Massachusetts. We hope you will join us in welcoming back training and welcoming back the world. To celebrate all of this, at a time when savings also means a lot more than ever, we're have extended our special re-opening launch tuition savings to you for just 2 more weeks...

That's a discount on the full tuition at the start of the training — not a gradual savings or a credit. You keep that money right away, right now. This is the largest discount ever available, and we feel like it's never been more important to help make this possible for people.

You don't even need to pay your tuition this month or even commit to the program. You simply need to submit your application before this February 15th to reserve your discount should you decide to enroll.

Or call us and we'll happy to assist you at (877) 586-2555.

Clinical Somatics is the groundbreaking method of neuromuscular retraining from Thomas Hanna for pain-relief, injury treatment and prevention, flexibility, postural alignment, and enhanced movement performance.  Somatics uses biologically intrinsic gentle, easy movements that rapidly unlock our innate self-correcting and -healing abilities to relieve or eliminate conditions of mis-use, trauma, degeneration, and "aging" that were historically considered incurable.

Students complete Semester 1's full 150+ hours in only 2 nine-day intensive modules -- enabling students to begin working with clients using their first full set of skills starting only a week after they begin. 

Earn more than 100 credits per semester of this training -- the kind which many states require massage therapists and some other kinds of bodyworkers complete to maintain their licenses.

Module 1: 

Begin your journey to a Somatics career in only 9 days.  You will be amazed at how comfortably and deeply immersed in somatic theory, philosophy, and clinical practice you will be, in such a short time.  You will learn the foundations of postural theory, the principles of Somatics, Somatic kinesiology, and the most effective and widely applicable clinical methods.   

Module 2: 

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