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c2018 Support Meeting #30 - Friday, December 6, 2019

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Questions for Support Meeting Post Grad September. 2019:

Class of 2018 (grad April 2019)

Pamela Kamoku's picture

1)  I'd like to reveiw a new client and ask about her context - I"m trying to figure out her patterns and want to review with you. I'm pretty sure she's rotated in a certain direction but it wasn't super clear and yet, by deducing some of the details and I look at her photos it's becoming clearer & I know I'll get insights from you too.   I'll give some details here and more on our call:
- her left foot is more pronated 

-she felt like her left hip is moving back and R shoulder twisting to R.   (makes sense that she is twisting to the right with Left foot pronated too)

- normally if one foot is over pronating would it seem like she rotates to the opposite side.  It kind of makes sense to me.  

- herniated disks in Cervical and lumbar

- L. hip sore &, R. knee (diagonal pattern); 

- multiple MVAs

- bookkeeping sitting job

I'm going to do a lesson 2 next week and wondering which side to start with because she probably needs both sides.  Lying on her back isn't as comfortable and I was going to do a lesson 1 but when she got up off the table after teaching her ARch and Flatten and how to breathe (she's  a chest breather), she said she felt twisted.  We then started a modified Lesson 2 and time ran out.  We did compass (shoulder and hip) MWB and some KM and AP.


2) Can you speak to how some people that are more limber/flexible than others from years of movement or less rigidity and then other people that took a fitness/athletic pathway and probably stress too and how that flexibility is so different.  I know this seems like an obvious thing and I feel like I could simply explain it to my students but is it that simple?  I really am convinced how bad SITTING is for us humans and can really add to the stiffness factor over someone that never had a sitting job.  This may be a big factor as well as the other habits.  Thoughts?

Pamela Kamoku's picture

3) Do you have any guidelines for teaching group classes whether or not you always have students walk around at beginning or end OR does that depend on the lesson you are teaching?  Is it a good idea to more often then not, have them walk around first noticing any new differences before they start to put away their stuff and go back into their autopilot patterns?  


Anne Pruner's picture

I have a client that is experiencing a lot of tension in her R hand.  So much so that her fingers kind of get stuck and sometimes she has to kind of peel them away.  And it isn't a smooth release.  I almost expect to hear "boing!" like a cartoon when it lets go.  She has a prosthetic leg and walks with a walker or  uses a wheelchair.  She was a real mixture of red and green when we first met. She has been a client for a while and we have done the protocols and come a long way releasing each refex pattern.  But this is new and wondering what thoughts you had. (she also does lot of chrochet and plays the harp so she would like to use her fingers :) )

Anne Pruner's picture

So I have a client who is a yoga student. She was super red when we first started working together and that has really changed.  If she is in the prone position she is able to do a nice little backbend now (that was previously not possible at all).  She has also learned to lift her leg up from this position and has a lot more awareness of low belly and front of hips letting go and using her back.  But there is a move in yoga where both the torso and the legs lift up.  As soon as she tries this everything locks down.  and she can't lift either.  So is it that she is just asking to much of the front line to do both and that reflex still needs a little work?  it was actually fascinating to watch.  

Natasha Boldireff's picture

If someone is really amnesiac or frozen and you've done the kinetic mirroring and the means were by but then you're ready for the pandiculation sometimes it can appear forceful but it isn't to the client and it sounds like they're having multiple adjustments through their structure as the muscle release.   This was for somebody that's in their late 60s and quite held.  We did a lesson 2 and she was so freed up afterwards and moving fluidly again... the way there seeemed strong, but did not feel foreceful to her nor me as her soft tissue yielded beautifully... the adjustments along the way out of the pandiculation as were what was quite dramatic. 

Just wondering about that experience and if you have had similar.