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By Thomas Hanna

Reviews of Somatic Exercises by Thomas Hanna.

Somatic Exercises for Rounded Shoulders & Depressed Chests (6 lessons)

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For more information on this review, its ratings, or the product being reviewed, read this overview review of Thomas Hanna's Somatic Exercises.

Lesson 1. Hanna begins with very good theory on the Startle Reflex and ensuing tendency toward Red Light posture. He follows guiding listeners in actualizing their experience of Red Light posture. This lesson will leave you with little question as to what Red Light posture is and how it feels for those who suffer from it. Theory: 70%/Movement: 30%.

Somatic Exercises for the Lower Back (8 lessons)

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Lower Back 8 lessons ********** (see Review Guide for explanation of ratings, i.e. T% / M%)

Throughout the series Hanna is soft spoken and soothing in his delivery.

Lesson 1. In this first of eight lessons you meet Roy whose back has ‘gone out’, and must perform the very same movements taught earlier in Lesson 1 of the Myth of Aging series in order to find relief.

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