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Clinical Somatics - Craftworks Portable Table

The best portable massage table for deep tissue bodywork and sports massage, the Omni is in a class by itself. Able to withstand the most vigorous work, the Omni's superior construction utilizes extra rigid Finland birch in our Integrated Frame System. The Omni combines two of the most technologically advanced systems in massage table history: the Cable-Lock system gives you extraordinary strength and easy setup, and the Inverted Truss provides extra support in the middle of the table.


Clinical Somatics Lightweight Portable Table

Somatic Systems is proud to be the exclusive source for tables designed specifically for Clinical Somatic Educational sessions. The Clinical Somatics Portable Table gives you all the necessary elements to perform somatics sessions in maximum comfort for the practitioner and optimal comfort and experience for the client.

Agate Blue (LV)

Black (LV)

Burgundy (LV)

Flint (LV)

Hunter Green (LV)

Mushroom (LV)

Teal (LV)

White (LV)

Baltic (UL)

Berry (UL)

Brick (UL)

Dove Grey (UL)

Juniper (UL)

Marine (UL)

Papyrus (UL)

Plum (UL)

Raven Wing (UL)

Shetland (UL)


Clinical Somatics Session (Northampton Clinic)

Just add as many sessions as you want to your cart by clicking on the Add To Cart button below.

When you check out, include any special instructions in the order notes field: This can include names and email addresses of people you wish to send these to as gifts, or even special messages you would like us to include. Whether you order sessions for yourself and/or others, you will be emailed gift certificates for the sessions, which you can then use to pay for sessions you schedule with us. In addition to the emailed certificate(s), a record of your purchased sessions is stored in your account, and accessible by you at any time by logging into our website and viewing your orders list (so you don’t have to worry about losing your emailed certificates). You can contact us immediately to schedule your session(s) right away — by phone, email, chat, etc. — or even put some requests for appointment times in the order notes.

Normally $200  •  Until December 31st: $150


Clinical Somatics Session Initial Consult (Northampton Clinic)

Whether you are attending one session or more, all clients require an initial consult and intake as part of their course of Somatics sessions. (Generally this consult will take place at the start of an extended first session, but it may be scheduled as a separate visit.)

Therefore, for each new client for whom you are purchasing any number of regular Clinical Somatics sessions, you should also purchase one of these initial consults.

(If you pre-purchase a large quantity of sessions for one person, and then later decide to transfer some of those sessions to another new client, you may simply purchase an initial consult at that time.

Add one of these to your cart for every one session you want.

Normally $100  •  Until December 31st: $75


Deluxe Skeleton Half Painted and Muscles Labeled

This model has the same quality casting and features as our SK1000 but with more features! The right side of the skeleton is hand-painted to show muscle origins in red and insertions in blue. Muscle names are hand-lettered at each muscle origin and insertion location. Floor stand is included; hanging stand (pictured) sold separately. Height: 5" 4". Note: Express delivery is extra.


Deluxe Skeleton Reproduction

Includes the following features: Removable calvarium cap for neurocranial studies. Mandible is spring-held and breakaway maxilla reveals paranasal sinuses supported by spring-mounted, detachable mandible.

Includes the following features:


Diseases and Disorders: The World's Best Anatomical Charts - 2nd

The Second Edition of Diseases and Disorders: The World's Best Anatomical Charts features 60 new and updated anatomical charts created by some of the world's best medical illustrators. This reference is an essential addition for every library, whether you are a health professional, student, or interested consumer.


Earthlite Rolling Stool

Our stools offer a height range of 19 3/4” to 27 3/4” inches, wheels for ease of movement, rugged construction, 3-inch padded seat and choice of vinyl. 350 lb. weight limit. These stools are used in all of our Somatic offices and work perfectly with the Astra-Lite Somatics table.

Please click on the icon below the picture to see available color choices. Then choose your color from the drop down box to order.



Equine Hanna Somatics DVD

Incorporates the principles of Hanna Somatic Education for use wiith horses and equestrians to facilitate greater ease and mobility of movement while strengthening the bond between the animal and its trainer. DVD, 60 minutes, color.


Equine Hanna Somatics: An Introduction

EQUINE HANNA SOMATICS with Dennis Reis and Eleanor Criswell, Ed.D. Incorporates the principles of Hanna Somatic Education for use wiith horses and equestrians to facilitate greater ease and mobility of movement while strengthening the bond between the anlmal and its trainer. (60-min. color)

Ergonomic Multifunction Executive Chair

High-performance chair at a surprisingly low price.  The deluxe version of the chair we recommend for Somatically healthy sitting and desk work. 


Ergonomic Multifunction Task Chair

The basic version of the chair we recommend for Somatically healthy sitting and desk work. High-performance chair at a surprisingly low price.


Exploring Tai Chi

Designed to present Tai Chi as a tool for personal development and as a metaphor for living life in the clearest and most deliberate manner.

Sifu John Loupos began studying martial arts in 1966. As a young teen, John inherited a school of his own and has been teaching martial arts ever since. His repertoire of studies includes Okinawan Karate along with several Chinese Kung Fu systems including Bak Sil Lum, Choy Lay Fut, and Praying Mantis, plus Yang style T'ai Chi Chuan (108 move set), Liu He Ba Fa, Xingyi, and Bagua.


Five-Minute Somatic Relaxation

This brief and effective program guides you through a passive relaxation exercise to assist in daily stress management. Side 2 repeats the relaxation exercise and adds to it the ambient surfside sounds of Maui, Hawaii.


Flexible Mr. Thrifty Skeleton with Spinal Nerves

This valuable teaching aid features a flexible spine with spinal cord, nerve roots, the vertebral artery, a herniated disc, cartilage, articulated joints, and removable 3-piece skull and extremities. This popular desktop model is ideal for rehabilitation, physical therapy and sports medicine professionals. Metal stand included. Height: 33 -1/2" tall.