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Frelonic Pro Exercise Mat

The Frelonic Pro Exercise Mat is the ultimate in personal exercise mat — perfect for yoga, stretching, bodywork, working out, and Somatics. Get one for they gym or studio and you'll be the envy of all your classmates; get one for your home and you'll never want to stop exercising! When you try one, you'll find out how comfortable, efficient, and effective movement and exercise can truly be with the right, innovative & properly designed equipment.


Functional Differentiation of the Lumbar, Thoracic, & Cervical Spine

Do you remember when you were a kid, and looking back to the rear over your shoulder while backing up your car made for such a casual gesture that you'd toss your head around without a second thought? For most folks over the age of 40 or 50 those days are long gone. If twisting to look behind now entails a more concerted effort... if turning your head to either direction has devolved from a near automatic motion into one necessarily slower and more thought-out, perhaps even a whole body affair, than this CD series is for you.


Galaxy Revolving Exam Stool

This sturdy exam stool is a dependable classic. Square foot ring makes it easy to rest your feet or maneuver or stabilize the chair. While this stool does not have the convenience of pneumatic height adjustment, some practitioners prefer the feel of this stool over our other models. Features 2" swing-wheel swivel casters and 19"-26" adjustable height range (adjusted by rotating seat). Levante vinyl seat cushion color can be ordered to match your table.


How Yoga Works: An Introduction to Somatic Yoga

For the first time, a special study of the psychophysiological foundations of the experiences and bodily transformations occurring through yogic practice.

From Inside Cover:

How Yoga Works: An Introduction to Somatic Yoga, is a precious book, which acts like a bridge between both world hemispheres, East and West, by combining hatha and raja yoga, and elucidating the physical principles as well as the mental aspects of yoga practice.


Illustrated Essentials of Musculoskeletal Anatomy

Clear, concise information on musculoskeletal anatomy for both review reference and for the beginning student. Separate illustrations and descriptions of individual skeletal muscles, bones and nerves. An essential tool for students and professionals. This book has been an indispensable learning and reference tool for massage therapists, bodyworkers, and Somatics practitioners for over 30 years.


Inside Tai Chi: Hints, Tips, Training & Process for Students and Teachers

Preparing you for what to expect in your Tai Chi journey, this book offers practical advice, observations, and training exercises for anyone on the path.

Preparing you for what to expect in your Tai Chi journey, this book offers practical advice, observations, and training exercises for anyone on the path.


Institutional Membership

Eligibility: Corporations, small businesses, affiliated healthcare and educational institutions, and other organizations.


Interactive Functional Anatomy DVD-ROM (2nd Edition)

For the first time, technology allows unparalleled animations of gross motor movement that show how groups of muscles become active during common motions such as jumping, walking, and running. Interactive Functional Anatomy, Second Edition, answers a clearly identified need in the teaching and understanding of body musculature and motion. This is an excellent resource with painstaking attention to detail and dynamic imagery. The software features computer graphic models of human anatomy derived from MRI scan data, and fully interactive 3-D animations show function. Pop-up labeling appears as you view the 3-D models, and you can click on any structure to bring up related text and all related animations of muscular function.


Letters from Fred

"At the time I first encountered Fred, two lives had been put behind me--an institutional one and a personal one. I was a bachelor of forty-four, living alone in a brown frame bungalow on the edge of town. Because it was in this house that the first encounter with Fred took place, I will give you the address: 3086 N.W. 14th Street. Last year I went back to see if it was still there. It was."

Thomas Hanna's only novel is a deeply personal exploration of the somatic realm, containing elements of humor, somatic philosophy, and wonder as the dialogue with the enigmatic Fred unfolds.


Linear Traction Pillow

Experience gentle traction from this unique pillow. We recommend this pillow for use a few hours at a time to relieve acute neck pain. For a nightly use pillow, check out our Linear Gravity pillow!

Lie on your back, let your head and neck rest in the "V". Experience instant stress relief and decompression of your vertebrae. The ergonomically designed, recessed center and hand-stuffed "V" work together to gently relieve vertebrae compression caused by gravity from being upright all day.


Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology: Critical Thinking and Practical Application (Sixth Edition)

MTGP has been a cornerstone text in massage curricula since its first edition in 1998. Since then it has evolved to meet both the changing needs in massage therapy education, and changing information in the field of pathology and massage therapy research. The 6th edition puts increased focus on understanding pathology concepts and how they impact practical application in the session room. Using well-established educational building blocks, it takes learners from key-word vocabulary through to complex decision-making in its signature accessible, friendly style.


Master the Art of Running Raise Your Performance with the Alexander Technique

Whether you run a few miles a week or are training for a marathon, running properly takes time and energy. Now, thanks to the Alexander Technique, runners can improve their competitive performance while multiplying the health benefits of the sport and virtually eliminating its hazards. This proven method encourages a greater awareness of the way the body functions and moves, and helps runners release tension and jog without risk of injury. With special exercises for the head, eyes, torso, and legs, this unique guide will help you radically improve results, both in training and competition.