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Patience Bousel

Patience has been involved in the field of natural health for over 25 years and is currently practicing in Amherst MA. Her practice includes Somatic Education through Prime Somatics and The Trager® Approach, Kripalu Bodywork and Therapeutic Massage, energy work, and massage for pregnancy and postpartum.

She has an eclectic background, having received a B.A. in French and History of Art, followed by music school and then by a certification in harpsichord and piano technology. Patience has worked part-time as a professional harpsichord technician, something which requires both patience and sensitivity of touch. This has proven to be an unusual and yet ideal complement to her bodywork practice, “Hands of Patience”.

Health challenges related to pregnancy fueled the development of a passionate interest in the field of natural health. This led to several years of training in the field of oriental medicine with a Certification as a Natural Health Educator. Patience has since explored the field of natural health from varied perspectives, gradually deepening her understanding of the nature of healing and expanding her knowledge base with over 1400 hours of training.

Patience has a gentle, soothing touch – inviting, effective and intriguing due to the combination of subtlety and depth. She creates a partnership with her clients of peace and safety, where each person can explore new possibilities of freedom, ease and spaciousness, allowing deep relaxation of body and mind; her clients call it, “a feeling of relaxed alertness and inner calm.” Her ultimate goal is that her clients be empowered to recall and recreate these feelings on their own, at any chosen moment.

  • Work :   (413) 218-7815
Hands of Patience
800 Main Street, MA 01002
United States
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