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Nancy Nesyto-Freske

Nancy Nesyto-Freske (ne-see-toe fres-ke) is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Yoga Therapist and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Nancy became passionate about helping people dealing with pain and other chronic issues when she presented her thesis to become a Certified Yoga instructor in a workshop. A majority of the people who came to the workshop were in some degree of pain, discomfort or felt “not flexible”. Most were over the age of 50. She came to the realization that we have been given a gift, a crystal ball, so to speak, because we have been able to witness what happened to the generation before us as they became less mobile and lost their independence!

She knows we all have a choice, that we can make a change, that our body can change, no matter what our situation. In addition to her training at Somatic Systems Institute, here is some of Nancy's training experience:

Yoga Instructor – Moksha Yoga, Chicago, IL. Daren Friesen, teacher. 2008-2009. Certified through Yoga Alliance in 2009.

Yoga Therapy Training – Functional Synergy, Calgary, AB, Canada. Susi Hately, teacher. 2010-2013. Certified as a Yoga Therapist through Functional Synergy in 2012 and will be certified through International Association of Yoga Therapists once the standards are complete and Functional Synergy has completed their accreditation.

Nancy continues to take workshops and classes to develop her understanding of the body, mind and spiritual development.

  • Phone :   (815) 509-6479
Be Vibrant Movement Therapy
254 N. Galena Avenue
Dixon, IL 61021
United States
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