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c2018 Support Meeting #25 August 2, 2019

Professional Training Program's picture

1) can we go over he muscle groups were working with in the movemtns of Pelvic basket 

Have pdf available 


2) if someone is lifting pelvis up off the floor as you direct them in Flatten and roll pelvis up, you mentioned in day 8 lecture that’s a red flag for other stuff? Can you say what? Someone stuck in red light cant articulate pelvis down well (into arch) and sometimes they can’t articulate upward so they lift - this what I’ve noticed and I wonder if I’m missing anything else.  I have a client/student and we finally got some articulation today but boy was it hard for her.  


It’s a frozen pelvis basically. 

And to be honest, she’s holding her breath (major SMA) and doesn’t really know how to breathe and that’s a big issue too. 

I keep educating  her that she should come for privates and then come back to groups but she hasn’t done that yet. 

3) in Flatten, what is the difference between someone that can sink their belly in or down toward he spine vs. someone that has a belly they push up and out when they tip pelvis up. 

I’m  curious if there is some co-contracting?


4) curious just heard recently from a fitness person that fascia provides stability as to Muscles provide mobility??? True or false?  She also said there’s more proprioceptors in the fascia than in the muscles. ?? She’s also referring to ‘dynamic lengthening’ and not referrring to the closed feedback Loop system. Is this more jargon?