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Cueing arch and flatten

Faith Enuol's picture

Hi all,

I'm entering this as a forum discussion as part of moduel 1 assignments.
I've had some great experiences so far in my clinical sessions, I've done 10.
A few times I've had trouble cue-ing and getting people started with just the basic arch & flatten that I've taught for their homework and just after they are supine to use in the last few movements/pandiculations.

The "pelivs is a rolling pin" method that Nancy used in class I thought was great, but I have definitely stumped a couple ppl with that metaphor. The people I was working with eventually got it, one I had to demo myself and def something they knew they needed to work on more just to be able to do it.
Just wondering if some others have metaphors or descriptions they use that work for getting people to do the arch and flatten in a means-whereby type way, so they are really feeling it and not just arching their back.




Diane Visuri's picture

Hi Faith, I have used the rolling pin metaphor but I also really liked Tom's description of pressing the tailbone down and the belt line goes up.  That will also work for flattening and the beltline goes towards the floor or touches the floor.  I know not eveyone wears belts but many pants still have belt loops:)