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eversion of feet

Hey Steve

I'd like some clarificaiton on the eversion of feet in MOA lesson number 5.  I just want to make sure I have the feet going the right way.  


Thank you 



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There are 2 Comments

Steven Aronstein's picture

I'll assume what you mean is which directions do the feet face in this move, right?

INversion = bottoms of the feet face INward toward the midline -- which means the knees have to drop out so the hips are externally rotating.

Eversion = bottoms of the feet face Externally out away from the midline -- which means the knees have to drop in so the hips are internally rotating.


In one sense this is a very convenient nemonic, because the first letter of the word tells you which way the feet are pointing. Where it gets confusing -- as you probably noticed -- is that whichever way the feet bottoms point is the opposite of the way the hips go.  So INversion, the feet bottoms point INternally to the midline -- but the hips are rotating EXTERNALLY.

It seems like just knowing this would be all the simplicity you need. But not in my experience; it's still confusing. So, for me, I always have to do the equivalent of where you cover your ears so you don't hear anything:  To remember this, I still have to push all the other anatomy and kinesiology out of my head and just think about the bottoms of the feet.

After I do that, the other parts follow suit -- the knees must drop OUT to do INversion,  which requires the hips externally rotate.  So, the feet are the thing you remember that helps you do the whole thing correctly.

Is that what you were asking about?  Let me know if I misunderstood.


Anne Pruner's picture

Thank you Steve that is awesome - and yes I do understand about how the go in and the hips externally rotate and visa versa.  That is very clear now thank you.   My original question is kind of about the shape of the feet as well.  In both cases, is the foot curled under (plantar flexion) or when the knees drop in do they actualy evert and go more into dorsi flexion?  When I googled everted feet they are flexed and turned out.   We can talk more about this on the call if you like.