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Client Testimonials

Testimonials about Somatics from clients.

Walking Again at Age 92...

At Age 92, [Somatics] taught me how to walk again; what more beautiful gift is there to give.

Retired City Planner

Chronic Pain from Injury and Illness...

I couldn’t believe that in a few hours [my Clinical Somatic Education practitioner] showed me how to relieve the pain that I had spent hundreds of hours with physical therapists trying to exercise away! My posture and sense of well-being improved so much that people told me how great I looked and even asked me if I had lost weight! I recommend [Clinical Somatic Education] to everyone I meet who has chronic pain from an injury or an illness.

Marketing Consultant

Chronically Sore Muscles...

[Somatics] opened up a new world for me; one that was inside me the whole time. [Somatics] taught me that stretching and strengthening is not always the right approach to treating chronically sore muscles. Now, I routinely calm painful muscle spasms with meditation and slow, thoughtful Somatic movements.

Advertising Executive

Years of Headaches...

[Somatics is] a perfect match for me. My years of headaches are truly a thing of the past...


Two Herniated Discs at Age 30...

Within a few sessions I noticed incredible improvements. My muscles were not contracting continuously. Stiffness disappeared, and I began to straighten up. After 4 sessions I am walking straight. I do my exercises once or twice a day. The amount of medication I now take has decreased dramatically. After each session I have been making miraculous improvements. I still have a little ways to go, but am so happy to walk straight and have my mobility back.

Home Support Worker

Neck Pain, 14 Years

Being educated as a Physical Therapist I anticipated acquiring the knowledge and skills to treat people with physical disabilities and symptoms. I realized prior to my graduation that was not even close to being the case.

In 1986, I was involved in a 70 MPH motor vehicle accident while I was a YMCA Fitness/Physical Director. I walked away with a sore neck/scapula which resolved quickly. Through the next four years I had no persistent physical pain or problems. I noticed a sore neck with sustained postures, some stiffness on my left side and intermittent spasm; that I now know as the trauma reflex from the accident.

From 1990 to 1999 I sought treatment without any sustained relief. I consulted an osteopath, orthopedic, neurologist, chiropractor and had physical therapy treatments. Much of it was costly and abusive. I even went out of state to Hartford to a PT clinic specializing in intensive manual treatment for three separate weeks. I called it the one side of the body phenomenon. I saw it in my patients too. What was it? Why is it my left side? Why is my balance off and my weight on my right leg mostly? My despair and anger increased with my pain. In 2000, my brother mailed me Somatics. I immediately recognized its truth. I did the exercises and quickly felt changes and symptom reduction. I owe Thomas Hanna quite a lot.

Todd Olinger
Physical Therapist, 12 Years
United States

After Surviving Cancer...

After surviving cancer and the debilitating surgeries that would save my life, I had almost given up hope of regaining flexibility and pain-free movement. Somatic education has restored my hope and freedom of movement.

CR, M.S.
Family Therapist

A Neurologist's Chronic Pain Patients

As a neurologist I frequently see people who are suffering from chronic pain, which limits their movement, therefore further increasing their pain and their need for pain-killers. [Clinical Somatics] consistently helped the patients l have referred… achieve lasting relief without depending on medication… I wholeheartedly recommend [Clinical Somatics].

JK, MD, Dipl. ABPN
Head of Neurology


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