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    Western Mass: 413-586-2555
    New York: 212-461-1753
    New Jersey: 973-327-7001
    Long Island: 516-300-1008
    Texas: 325-245-0141
    Arizona: 602-357-1514
    Virginia Beach: 757-644-5981
    Toll-free: 877-586-2555

    Calling any of our locations is like calling all of our locations. If you wish to make an appointment or register for a class at any location, request information, order a product, or anything else, you may contact us at the above location. Or find local contact information for any of our locations in our Locations directory.


Policies and Procedures

Creating Public Events Listings

Part I: Create the Event Node

Create a single node of content, of the content type Event.

URL Alias Path

If the the node is an Somatic Exercise class, here are some examples of the URL alias path to create for it:

Training Literature Printing Specifications

Some specs for some of our training sales literature:

  1. PROSPECTUS: Ivory Fleck 60lb (11x17) 2 sheets duplex --Folded & Stapled--
  2. APPLICATION FORM: Ivory 60lb (11x17) 1 sheet duplex --Folded--
  3. APPLICATION_2008_Schedule: White 60lb (8.5x11) 1 sheet duplex

Sample email to Paradise Copies to print prospectus document.


You guys may have two Adobe InDesign 3 documents of ours on your hard drive, which you have printed before. I have enclosed them again, in case you can't locate them.


Specifications and Procedures for Training marketing, sales, and application literature.

Training Sales Process

This section describes recruitment, marketing, sales, and application management processes for our Somatics Professional Training Program.

How to Change the Default Scanner Destination

Changing the Default Scanner Destination on the Sharp MX-2300N is done through the administrative web interface. The setting is located under System Settings > Scan Settings. On that page, click the tab for Default Address. [img_assist|nid=1691|title=Sharp MX-2300N Copier Scan Settings|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=640|height=400] Once you're on the Default Address tab, you can make the necessary changes: [img_assist|nid=1692|title=Sharp MX-2300N Copier Scan Settings Default Address|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=640|height=400]


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