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Field of Somatics

Writings about the general field of Somatics and Somatic philosophy.

The Field Of Somatics

T. Hanna, The Field Of Somatics, Somatics: Magazine-Journal of the Bodily Arts and Sciences, vol. I, no. 1, pp. 30-34, 1976.

Since 1970 the words “soma” and “somatic” have taken on a larger meaning and the archaic word “somatology” has re-entered the English language with renewed vigor. The innovator of these terms describes the emerging conception of the life sciences that has given birth to the somatic domain: “The house that Darwin built.”

Selections from... Somatology: Somatic Philosophy and Psychology

T. Hanna, Selections from.. Somatology: Somatic Philosophy and Psychology, Somatics: Magazine-Journal of the Bodily Arts and Sciences, vol. VIII, no. 2, pp. 14-19, 1991.

My Position in the Field of Philosophy

FROM THE PERSPECTIVE of the philosopher, I feel myself most closely connected to the American Pragmatist philosophers. I am most conversant, philosophically, with the dauntlessly broad outlook and the adventurous but-practical exploratory ways of such thinkers as John Dewey and William James.

What is Somatics? Part III

T. Hanna, What is Somatics? Part III, SOMATICS: Magazine-Journal of the Bodily Arts and Sciences, No. 1, vol. VI, no. 2, 1987.


In Part One of this essay, somatics was defined as the study of the soma: namely, the body as perceived from within by first-person perception. Somas were seen to be self–sensing, self–moving, and in possession of conscious volition — the latter being acquired through the process of somatic learning which focuses awareness upon what is unconscious in order to make it conscious.

What is Somatics? Part II

T. Hanna, What is Somatics? Part II, Somatics: Magazine-Journal of the Bodily Arts and Sciences, vol. VI, no. 1, 1986.

The Cyclonic Image

WHEN THE TEMPERATURE, velocity, and moisture of the air are just right, a startling event occurs: a tornado. A twisting, surging cone appears from out of nowhere and commences to move about unpredictably, seizing everything within its powerful grasp, drawing the environs into its center, incorporating some things within its whirling system, and spewing other things out.


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