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    Calling any of our locations is like calling all of our locations. If you wish to make an appointment or register for a class at any location, request information, order a product, or anything else, you may contact us at the above location. Or find local contact information for any of our locations in our Locations directory.


SSI Events

Events of any other kind operated by Somatic Systems Institute.

Somatics 101 (8 Week Class)

Monday Evenings, 5:30-6:30, 8 Weeks, Starts Sept 24

This series is comprised of 8 individual lessons, teaching you to release unconsciously held muscles beginning at the core of the body out to the periphery. You will also learn the "Daily Somatic Essentials", a sequence of exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere, in as little as 5 minutes, in order to maintain better flexibility, coordination, and balance, resulting in a decrease of the aches and pains commonly attributed to injury and aging. Because this is a progressive class, please make every effort to attend all the classes. Missed classes can be made up at a later time, as we re-run this class regularly.

$90 per 8-class card, or $14 per class. September 24-November 12.

Instructor: Kim Saumell.

Jan/12 12:00 - Jan/20 12:00

Clinical Somatic Education Professional Training Class of 2009, Semester 1, Module 1

Saturday, January 12, 2008 to Sunday, January 20, 2008
Training Module
Segment Number: 

Begin your journey to a Somatics career in only 9 days. You will be amazed at how comfortably and deeply immersed in somatic theory, philosophy, and clinical practice you will be, in such a short time. You will learn the foundations of postural theory, the principles of Somatics, a range of clinical methods, and go home with routines to already begin working with clients or friends.

First semester schedule:

Module 1:

Saturday, January 12 - Sunday, January 20, 2008


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