Getting Started


Complete Forms

  1. New Employee information form
  2. W4
  3. I-9
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  6. Non-Compete Agreement (if required for your job position)
  7. Receive and sign for a copy of the Employee Handbook (digially sign and a copy of that signed version will be provided to you).


Setup Accounts

  1. Slack
  2. Todoist (possibly be given access to a group account such as Office Staff)
  3. Access to mail accounts (some employees will be given an individual email account, initially or later in their employment term; others may continue to share a group/department email account)



Review Policies

Your supervisor may review the following policies with you. They are documented in greater detail in the Employee Handbook; however, these items in particular may merit some discussion and clarification in person.

  1. Dress Codes
  2. Computer use
  3. Social media
  4. Preservation


Review Procedures

Discuss some key routines, such as…

  1. Arrival
    1. Coat, bag, snacks, etc. put away
    2. "Open" space at the appropriate time if not yet (turn on lights, unlock front door, etc.) 
  2. Time logging
  3. Leaving for the day
    1. Shut down applications (or close files, especially server-based files)
    2. Everyting put away

Understand Systems

  1. Email via our Email Server (CGP in the cloud)
    1. Apple Mail
    2. Web Mail
  2. UserEngage (used to be AgileCRM, and Infusionsoft before that)
  3. Website backend (Drupal)
    1. Ecommerce system
    2. Community engagement and support areas
    3. News & Blog
    4. Clinican Training Center
    5. Teacher Training Center
    6. Courses classrooms
    7. Members-only features & areas
    8. Somatics Subscription area coming soon 
  4. Todoist
  5. Slack

Understand Standard Apps

  1. Microsoft Office
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud
  3. Preview (for images, not PDFs)
  4. Graphic Converter
  5. Safari
  6. Adobe Acrobat (for PDFs)
  7. Suitcase Fusion (for font management)

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    Let's Go

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